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Client Stories

Personal Injury

In July 2009, competitive cyclists Carol and her husband were riding on a quiet side street in Fort Collins, Colorado. An approaching van turned into them and struck Carol. Carol was thrown to the ground, breaking her collarbone and ankle, and suffering multiple contusions and bruises. The impact also destroyed Carol's helmet and bike. An ambulance sped her to a nearby emergency room where doctors ordered five CT scans to determine whether she had a closed head injury or neck fracture.

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Medical Malpractice - Wrongful Death

In early 2008, a 37-year old woman went to the emergency room complaining of severe pain all over her body. The ER doctor and nurses, observing flu-like symptoms, elevated heart rate and low blood pressure, determined she simply had the flu and opted not to X-ray her chest or test her blood. Twenty-five hours later, this loving wife and mother died of sepsis and pneumonia. Her husband -our client -was shattered by the loss of his wife of 17 years, and stunned by the sudden reality of raising their four boys alone.

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