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Our Client Stories

Personal Injury

In July 2009, competitive cyclists Carol and her husband were riding on a quiet side street in Fort Collins, Colorado. An approaching van turned into them and struck Carol. Carol was thrown to the ground, breaking her collarbone and ankle, and suffering multiple contusions and bruises. The impact also destroyed Carol's helmet and bike. An ambulance sped her to a nearby emergency room where doctors ordered five CT scans to determine whether she had a closed head injury or neck fracture.

Carol soon came to James R Moriarty PC for help. We quickly reached a settlement with the driver’s insurance company. Carol's medical bills, bike and accessories were paid for, plus she was compensated for pain and suffering. We helped her obtain just compensation, without having to file suit or engage in a drawn-out legal battle. Carol greatly appreciated our experience in navigating the convoluted and discouraging world of insurance companies. She is now back in the saddle, training with her husband and competing with her cycling team.

Carol's email to us at the conclusion of her case said:
“Hi Megan! Let me just say that I'm sooooo glad I e-mailed you! I could not be happier with how everything turned out and you made it such a stress-free experience.  I sincerely appreciate all of your help and will recommend you highly! Your knowledge in dealing with insurance companies and those subrogation folks was invaluable. Thanks again!"
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