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Small Smiles Lawsuit

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Cases Filed in Oklahoma

September 9, 2010

Lawyers in Oklahoma have filed a class action lawsuit in Oklahoma against four Small Smiles clinics in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and South Oklahoma City, the entities that own the clinics and the unnamed dentists who currently work or have worked at the clinics. The lawyers seek to certify a class of all children who received medically unnecessary or excessive treatment at any Small Smiles clinics in Oklahoma as well as their parents.

Recent investigative news reports in Oklahoma City highlight Small Smiles’ practices in Oklahoma and across the country. The mother of the named plaintiff in the Oklahoma lawsuit expresses outrage and frustration because she “trusted that [Small Smiles] was doing their job and they knew what they were doing.”

The Oklahoma lawsuit marks the second class action lawsuit filed against Small Smiles. A similar class action lawsuit was filed in Ohio. Moriarty Leyendecker believes neither class action will be certified by the courts because each patient has individual personal injury damages.

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