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Olympics Ticket Troubles
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November 2009

November 20, 2009
The Seattle Times

VANOC Settles Lawsuit With Roadtrips

In a recent settlement, VANOC will allow Roadtrips to sell Olympic tickets for Vancouver. Could someone else finally provide some competition in the market? No, the deal has a catch: Roadtrips has to buy the tickets from Jet Set.

Olympic committee settles legal battle over ticket sales
by Ron Judd

November 18, 2009
The Seattle Times

The Olympics Nasty Little Secret

With anti-scalping efforts commanding lots of attention in Vancouver, some might be surprised to learn where the "scalpers" get their tickets.  Where else but the Olympic Family itself?

Scalpers' best source: 'Olympic Family' members
by Christine Willmsen and Ron Judd

November 16, 2009
The Seattle Times

It's All In The Family

They call it the Olympic Family for a reason, and everyone seems to be connected. With investors on the Olympic Coordination Committee, and executives whose résumés include being the former marketing director for the IOC, it is little wonder how Jet Set/CoSport have been able to monopolize the ticket market.

Olympic business stays in the 'family'
by Ron Judd and Christine Willmsen

November 16, 2009
The Seattle Times

Huge Profits For Jet Set/CoSport From Monopoly

With connections that some would only dream of and a shady past fit for a movie, Sead Dizdarevic has cornered the market on Olympic tickets. Read more about how Dizdarevic went from the center of one of the Olympics' greatest scandals to the official go-to guy for Olympics tickets and travel packages.

Ticket monopoly brings one man big profit
by Christine Willmsen and Ron Judd

November 16, 2009
The Seattle Times

Seattle Times Goes After Jet Set and CoSport.

Beginning yesterday, the Seattle Times reporters began to run a series of stories that dig into the world of Olympic ticketing and the Jet Set/CoSport monopoly.

Freezing Out The Fans.
by Ron Judd and Christine Willmsen

November 15, 2009
The Seattle Times

Athletes' Families Face Ticket Troubles.

One would think that if their child qualified for the Olympics, there would surely be some tickets to go around for the family to watch this once in a lifetime event. Not exactly. Read about how fans are not the only neglected in the Olympics process.

Athletes' parents face pricey dash for Olympics tickets,lodging
by Ron Judd and Christine Willmsen

November 15, 2009
The Seattle Times

Olympic ticket monopoly freezes out the fans

For most Olympics fans the only place to watch the games from this winter will be their couch. Fans bound for Vancouver lucky enough to get tickets have a new hurdle, finding a hotel room. Read more about the monopoly that keeps the games reserved for the rich and powerful while neglecting the true fans.

Olympic ticket monopoly freezes out the fans
by Ron Judd and Christine Willmsen

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