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Client Stories

Medical Malpractice - Wrongful Death

In early 2008, a 37-year old woman went to the emergency room complaining of severe pain all over her body. The ER doctor and nurses, observing flu-like symptoms, elevated heart rate and low blood pressure, determined she simply had the flu and opted not to X-ray her chest or test her blood. Twenty-five hours later, this loving wife and mother died of sepsis and pneumonia. Her husband -our client -was shattered by the loss of his wife of 17 years, and stunned by the sudden reality of raising their four boys alone.

He resolved that this horror should not befall another family, and he came to James R Moriarty for help in filing suit against the negligent hospital and doctor. We uncovered several facts pointing to the lack of proper care given. Just days before trial, we negotiated a settlement, allowing our client and his family to avoid the stress and emotion of the trial process. In the end he was inspired to start his own company so that he could work flexible hours, which will allow him to spend more time with his sons.

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