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Client Stories


In 2012, a dentist in north Texas blew the whistle on the bilking of taxpayers through the state’s program to put braces on kids with Medicaid.

In 2019, her courage paid off as the state announced a $235.9 million deal to settle claims against Xerox and its former subsidiary, a major player in that alleged fraud. And in 2020, a judge ordered biller Dr. Richard Malouf to pay $16.5 million plus interest in repayment, fines, and legal fees for defrauding the state.

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Military Advocacy

In the fall of 1970, a company-size unit of Special Forces and indigenous Montagnard fighters undertook a mission into Laos to draw the North Vietnamese away from a CIA mission. They returned with what was reportedly the largest trove of intelligence documents of the Vietnam War and paved the way for the CIA mission to take their objective, losing three Montagnards and no Americans.

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A Texas appeals court affirmed the dismissal of a lawsuit brought by a former Fort Hood official against four women whose loved ones died serving in the military.

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Personal Injury

In July 2009, competitive cyclists Carol and her husband were riding on a quiet side street in Fort Collins, Colorado. An approaching van turned into them and struck Carol. Carol was thrown to the ground, breaking her collarbone and ankle, and suffering multiple contusions and bruises. The impact also destroyed Carol's helmet and bike. An ambulance sped her to a nearby emergency room where doctors ordered five CT scans to determine whether she had a closed head injury or neck fracture.

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